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Sunday, May 30, 2010



I am going to be linking this post to several parties through out the week. They are listed at the end of this post. I am still making my rounds visiting everyone for Pink Saturday!!

This is my last post until June 15th as I start vacation on June 7th.

This is my Patriotic Wreath that I have on my front door. I have to replace the bow because I just realized that the sun faded it .

I was off Saturday and Sunday Nights so we decided to celebrate with a family cook in on Sunday as I am working on Monday night. I do not have an outside grill because my yard is too small so I use my George Foreman a lot.

My Sons were coming over to eat so I decided to do my first tablescape!!

All of the dishes and my Ruby Red pieces are yard sale, flea market and thrift shop finds!!

The Patriotic Carolers are from the Christmas Tree Shop and Uncle Sam is a Yard Sale find

The small bowl is Liberty Blue China

I mixed and matched pieces!

Below is another piece of Liberty Blue

The only napkins I had that did not have flowers on them are these with the B on them . Our last name starts with a B.

The placemats were bought at T.J. Max at few years ago on Clearance. I only have 2 of them.

And yes, that is Betsy Ross. She is an old Avon Decanter.

This was a spur of the moment decision to throw this together. With 2 sons, I never really had the opportunity to set a fancy table.

They just shook their heads when they saw it. Danielle liked it. She is my Jim's girlfriend.
My daughter-in-love!

I am also linking this post to several Tuesday Tea Parties so I decided to get out more of my Blue and Red Transferware.

The 2 tea cups I am showcasing today are different patterns.

Yes, that is an Uncle Sam nutcracker. You guessed it, I bought him at a yard sale several years ago!

The candy jar I bought at an Estate sale for $1.00!! The sugar and creamer for $2.00 at a yard sale.

You can see that the patterns are different.

This sweet bear was bought for me by my husband. He used his comp points at the Moheghan Sun Casino that is located 5 minutes away from us. She sings "God Bless America"!! It is Kate Smith's voice!!

This plate depicts a scene from Williamsburg, Virginia.

This is the pattern of one of the tea cups and saucers.......

And this is the other.....

Now I have mentioned my sweet Savanna before. Here she is all decked out for the holiday!!

I guess she is saying that she would like to have some Tea!!

My pretty Savanna in her bandana!! She was a Shelter dog that we rescued 8 years ago. She was 2 years old at that time!!

On to my Living Room......

This Patriotic Girl was $3.00 at an Estate Sale last year!!

And here is my Patriotic Tree!!

There are red, white and blue lights and red, white and blue roses tucked into the tree!

This tree will stay decorated like this all summer until Labor Day. Then I turn it into a Fall Tree!!

Have to have a flag out in my back yard.....

This is the front of my house.....

This is the small flower bed under my Living Room window

My fountain...

My Patriotic flag....

Small flags in my pots. My annuals haven't taken off yet as I just planted them last week.

My Front Porch....

There are marigolds planted in that pot on the milk can but I just planted them so by next week, everything will start to fill in better.

Well, those are my Memorial Day Decorations and also my July 4th and Labor Day decorations!!

I will post again the week of June 14th but I will be checking in on every one when I am on vacation!!

I am linking to these parties. Please click on each party's link on my sidebar to visit all of the other participants in these great parties!!


Thanks for stopping by today and every day that you take the time to visit me!!


Friday, May 28, 2010


Today is 2nd Birthday of PINK SATURDAY!!! And everyone is celebrating!!


Congrats to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound who came up with the wonderful idea for bloggers to showcase something PINK every Saturday in honor of Breast Cancer Survivors and a Search for the Cure to Breast Cancer!!

I am posting early because I know that there will be many participants on this very special PINK SATURDAY!!

Please visit all of the other party participants on this very special day! I will be visiting and making my rounds throughout next week because I don't want to rush through everyone's posts!!

My first PINK SATURDAY post was my 3rd post on Jan. 30, 2010!!
I had been visiting many of the participants for quite some time before I started my very own blog and knew it was one event I wanted to be part of.

In October of 2009, I had a routine Mammogram. They had found a very suspicious area with irregular edges which always warrants a biopsy. I was one of the lucky ones and my biopsy was negative. But having had a cancerous tumor removed from my right ureter ( tube that goes from the kidney to the bladder) 4 years ago, I know that there is always a chance of cancer to reoccur. I did not need chemo or radiation before. And have remained cancer free.

I am very GRATEFUL for the Gift of Time that I have been given.

My first PINK SATURDAY post featured one of my most priced PINK possessions.....

My PINK LADY Victorian Doll House!

It was a child hood dream of mine and was built for me by a lovely 88 year old gentleman 2 years ago. He passed away shortly afterward of lung cancer.

I am going to take you on a trip down memory lane of my Pink Saturday posts.

I thought that I would have lots to share since I do have a few PINK things.

Below is the photo of what my very first header showed.......a wall in my Dining Room

The Dining Room is one of my PINK rooms and my most Victorian looking room.....

Lots of PINKS here....

Then I thought I would show you my new Craft Room. It was my oldest son's room.

The photo below became my second header.

Even though the room is painted green, I have a lot of PINK accents in it.

I have several of Thomas Kinkaide's Pink Ladies , created in honor of Breast Cancer survivors.

And PINK Depression Glass...

And PINK tea cups and tea pots

And PINK roses.....

Then I decided to share with you my PINK Powder Room

And some PINK things in my Bedroom......

A PINK hat with my wedding gown

PINK perfume bottles...

Next I wanted to share with you my new Guest Room which was my youngest son's room. And again, even though I painted the walls yellow, I chose to have lots of PINK accents in this room....

And I shared some Thrift Store Finds and transformations...

And some PINK Valentine's Day Decorations....

And PINK Easter Decorations

Then I reached 100 followers and decided to celebrate with a giveaway of some of my PINK creations....

Next I showed you some of my finished PINK projects.....

And last, I have been showing you some PINKS in my neighborhood .....

And PINKS in my garden....

I never thought that I had so many PINK things to share but as the quote goes...
"PINK is not just a color, it is a way of life!"


I will be taking the next 2 Saturdays off because of our vacation which will start after next weekend. No, we are not going anywhere but plan to catch up on a lot of things around the house and maybe a day trip or two. My last post for about a week and a half will be this coming Tuesday for Tea Time.
But I still will be watching........

Pink Saturday has been one of the greatest joys in my life!!

Thanks for stopping by today and everyday that you take the time to visit me!!


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